This summer, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of the famous Apollo 10, 11, and 12 missions. Each mission signified America s determination to explore new frontiers. For many living at Riderwood, the Apollo missions came at the pinnacle of their careers. Since that time, they ve dedicated themselves to remaining on the cutting edge of science and technology.


[caption id="attachment_2035" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Ed Braun, who lives at Seabrook, recently clocked 1,000 hours in the pool located in the community s aquatics center.


Forget about traveling over the river and through the woods. For many children, a trip to visit their grandparents is just a few miles away. And for grandparents living at Erickson communities in the D.C. area, their new lifestyle means they can spend more time doing fun and interesting activities with their grandchildren.

Eagle's Trace
TX_0809_Men's Club2

Ronnie Cutlip, community outreach specialist for the Houston FBI, tells the Eagle s Trace Men s Club about a drug trafficking stop. One group at Eagle s Trace won t be discussing sewing, jewelry, or even the latest soap-operas or hairstyles. The newly formed Men s Club is dedicated to all things guy.

Highland Springs
When asked what the Highland Springs World War II Club does, member Melvin Waters says wryly, Aaah, we don t do a whole lot. We are just a bunch of old codgers who sit around and tell stories you know, the stories our families are sick of hearing over and over again.
Tallgrass Creek
At Tallgrass Creek, wellness isn t just about being healthy; it s about living well.
Tallgrass Creek
KS_0809_learning_john belden

"John Belden" When John Belden kept reading about the changing face of print communication, from newspapers to newsmagazines, he didn t see a dying breed; he saw an opportunity.

Tallgrass Creek
KS_0809_learning_john belden

John Belden doesn t just like being Several Tallgrass Creek residents raised their hands to take an educational bus tour that included barbeque, blues, and jazz. This photo was featured in the KU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute s fall catalog. involved in the community where he lives; for him, getting active was as important as unpacking after moving there last year.

Wind Crest
Santa Fe Picture Anita Jones 003

This Santa Fe-inspired work by Wind Crest artist Anita Jones hangs in the community s creative arts studio. For Anita Jones, moving to Wind Crest allowed her to reconnect with an old friend. But it wasn t someone from school or her childhood. I had painted for years, Jones says. But with everyday worries and distractions, I sort of got away from it.