Oak Crest
Seventy years after Judy Garland clicked her ruby red slippers and chanted, There s no place like home, in The Wizard of Oz, the expression still rings true. Home is the place where we relax, laugh, and spend time surrounded by the people and things near to our hearts.
Tallgrass Creek
From corn hole and ladder ball to bocce and golf, Tallgrass Creek Olympians truly aimed for victory. Held June 4 on the community s groomed grounds, the annual Tallgrass Creek Olympics brought neighbors together for classic fun and games with a little healthy competition.
Tallgrass Creek
In the social web of Tallgrass Creek, Mary Lou Vest is its butterfly. As she rattles off names of her neighbors, the lines of friendship overlap and the names get lost amidst how she knows each one so well. It s six degrees of separation, she says.
Tallgrass Creek
Tallgrass Creek didn t need years of experience to get things right. Open just under two years, the full-service community in Overland Park achieved an unprecedented 90.7% satisfaction among the people who live there in its 2008 resident satisfaction survey.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When selling your house, its outside appearance (or curb appeal ) almost always creates a potential buyer s first impression. In fact, buyers typically decide whether a house is worth going inside within ten seconds of seeing it.

Ashby Ponds
Those who live at Erickson communities have a special tie to patriotism.
Ashby Ponds
Long before Hollywood celebrities espoused on the benefits of leading a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, members of local Erickson communities were already taking steps to live green while protecting natural resources. Redefining trash Recycling is a huge priority at all Erickson communities.
Ashby Ponds

Now, more than ever, making informed financial decisions plays a vital role in your retirement lifestyle and quality. But with so much conflicting information in news reports and even from well-meaning financial advisors, sometimes the best advice comes from people just like you people who have worked hard for their money and want to make the most of it when they retire.

Wind Crest
Dave Thomas loves water walking in Wind Crest s warm water saline pool, especially early in the morning.