Brooksby Village

Florence D Avella, who lives at Brooksby Village, adds some edges to her spoon holder during the community s weekly pottery workshop. On one side of the table, an artist molds her clay into what will eventually be a large dish, while her neighbor delicately paints flowers onto a smaller clay dish.

Brooksby Village
MA_0809_dog derby_pic1

Brooksby Village resident Janet Tenney judged this year s Dog Derby with help from her dog, Beebee. From the fits of laughter escaping the tent at Brooksby Village, an unknowing bystander might have thought a comedian was entertaining audiences inside; only the distinct orchestra of barks would have made him think twice.

Linden Ponds

Left to right: George Erickson, Armand Ruby, Alice Tweedy, Peg Erickson, and Anne Marie Ruby take a ride on the trolley for The Trolley Song. The first performer onstage during Show Biz II aptly did so holding a sign that read "A Gift of Music." The recent performance by the Linden Ponds Singers was just that.

Maris Grove

The world is your oyster is usually a saying reserved for youngsters or teens. But Harry and Nancy Drew are finding that life is full of opportunities at any age if you just know where to find them. The Drews live at Maris Grove, in Delaware County, Pa., and they say the full-service community is opening up a whole new world for both of them.


Playing card games is one of many ways people who live at Seabrook get to know each other. Do you remember Deborah Kerr singing Getting to Know You in the King and I Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein s 1951 Broadway musical with Yul Brynner?


Residents Bene and Harold Seldin have a greater appreciation for Macbeth since participating in SCAN s weekly Shakespeare appreciation class held at the Seabrook campus in Tinton Falls. The call for health and well-being can be heard from the mountainside of Pompton Plains every Friday around 10 a.m. Literally. That s when Dr.

Ann's Choice
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At Maris Grove and Ann s Choice, continuing education is a staple of many people s lives, and the teachers and students are oftentimes one and the same. A lifelong teacher Mort Goldberg, who lives at Maris Grove, in Delaware County, has been teaching at the largest continuing education center for the last 12 years.
Maris Grove
MGC continuing education

Six residents from Maris Grove recently participated in the Intergenerational Learning Project with students from Garnet Valley Middle School. The project began when Bette Alburger interviewed kids from the school for Kid s Poll, a Sunday section of People Poll that runs in the Delaware County Daily/ Sunday Times.

MD_0809_LEAD_two bedroom

In her bedroom-turned-art studio, Jewell Brenneman is free to create pieces like her Pear Jammin series, which won multiple prizes in Charlestown s Visual Art Show. In spring 2008, Jewell and George Brenneman decided to trade in their Elkridge house for a maintenance-free 1,100-square-foot apartment home at Charlestown, the community by Erickson in Catonsville.