Wind Crest
Bobbi Rosack has the pleasure of spending at least three days a week with her grandchildren Jared and Caroline. Rosack, who watches her grandchildren while their father works a hectic hospital schedule, is one of many who enjoy time with their children s children on Wind Crest s campus.

Grandkids always welcome

There s no such thing as a normal day with the grandkids h
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Joseph Jurich is known simply as Doc. A legend in the schools where he taught and coached for nearly four decades, he has played the role of surrogate father and grandfather to all of the children in his life.

Maris Grove

Since March 16, 2009, the fitness center at Maris Grove has been open 24/7, causing the number of visits to skyrocket from 1,500 to close to 1,800 each month. Fitness is important to most Maris Grove residents, and Lois Hayes who moved there last November from San Diego, Calif. is no exception. Though Hayes says she hates exercise, she can t imagine her life without it.

Maris Grove

[caption id="attachment_2263" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Nancy Copple, who had conceded to the idea that she was only going to have grandsons, celebrates her five granddaughters with an annual tea party, now in its sixteenth year."]... Grandparents have always had a special bond with their grandch


This fall, 68 college freshmen will begin their journeys through the hallowed halls of learning thanks to the generous support of those at Greenspring and Riderwood.


[caption id="attachment_2037" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Seabrook resident Julie Miller enjoys a walk with adopted great-grandson Jack, along with his mom Suzanne Forsyth and grandmother Linda Radano.

Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest is looking a little greener, and it has nothing to do with the lawns on the community s 130-acre campus. It s been three months since the first-ever management/ resident team unveiled its green biodiesel fuel conversion system for campus buses and everything is rolling along smoothly. We re exactly where we projected we would be, says Bill Sperry, a


This summer, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of the famous Apollo 10, 11, and 12 missions. Each mission signified America s determination to explore new frontiers. For many living at Riderwood, the Apollo missions came at the pinnacle of their careers. Since that time, they ve dedicated themselves to remaining on the cutting edge of science and technology.


[caption id="attachment_2035" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Ed Braun, who lives at Seabrook, recently clocked 1,000 hours in the pool located in the community s aquatics center.