Fox Run

Barefoot fourth-graders get hosed down after planting flowers at Fox Run. When Fox Run opened in August 2003, Roy and Barb Birmingham were two of its five original residents. By that September, they had some 60 neighbors. That s when flowers started arriving from the fourth-grade class at Franklin Road Christian School next door.

Tennis Competition
Whether they re tossing a javelin through the air, swimming laps in the pool, or perfecting their serve, Greenspring s top athletes are preparing to compete in Northern Virginia s Senior Olympics, held this September. The Senior Olympics provides a fantastic opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and friendly competition, says Greenspring s own seasoned competitor, Ray Kaminski.
People never outgrow their need for knowledge.

From left, Bill Muldoon, Shirley Dearfield, Becky Griffin, and Jim Kennedy represented the only senior living community invited to the health care forum. This summer it s all but ' impossible to turn on the ' news or read the paper without ' hearing about President ' Obama s proposed health ' care initiatives.

Oak Crest
MD_0809_dog show 21

Oak Crest recently held its second annual Canine Cup competition for those who live and work at the Parkville community to celebrate their best friends. Sponsors of the event included PETCO.

Linden Ponds

Gus Diezemann (left) and Dick Buckley, who live at Linden Ponds, took this year s Quincy Senior Olympics by storm, winning gold medals in the half-, one-, and three-mile walks and in the javelin, shot put, broad jump, and softball throw events. The Quincy Senior Olympics welcomes participants 55 years old and over to compete.

Brooksby Village
MA_0809_dalai lama_pic1

Verena Rybicki, who lives at Brooksby Village, recently met the Dalai Lama at a special gathering in New York. Verena Rybicki recalls riding through the Himalayas on a man s back inside a tea crate. She was just 4 years old, and that and the following weeks she spent in Tibet were significant not just for their place in her life story, but for their uniqueness in history.

Brooksby Village

Florence D Avella, who lives at Brooksby Village, adds some edges to her spoon holder during the community s weekly pottery workshop. On one side of the table, an artist molds her clay into what will eventually be a large dish, while her neighbor delicately paints flowers onto a smaller clay dish.

Brooksby Village
MA_0809_dog derby_pic1

Brooksby Village resident Janet Tenney judged this year s Dog Derby with help from her dog, Beebee. From the fits of laughter escaping the tent at Brooksby Village, an unknowing bystander might have thought a comedian was entertaining audiences inside; only the distinct orchestra of barks would have made him think twice.