Ann's Choice

The Toe Tappers weren t the only ones smiling and tapping their toes on May 14 in the performing arts center at Ann s Choice. More than 200 audience members filled the seats to help the group celebrate their twentieth anniversary. Nobody in this crowd claps and whistles unless they really enjoy they show, says Lee Sharp, audience member and backstage coordinator for the show.

Lou Bopp remembers his first boat like it was yesterday. He was eight years old, and the 11 1/2 ft. pleasure cruiser that started out as a rowboat was reinvented over the years into a sailboat and finally a motorboat. I guess you could say that s when it all started, Bopp says. I ve always loved being on and living near the water, tinkering with engines, always working on boats.
Some adults don t like to wear patriotism on their sleeves, but for the residents of Seabrook, in Tinton Falls, and Cedar Crest, in Pompton Plains, acts of patriotism come naturally throughout the entire year. We are so fortunate to have residents, many of whom are veterans, who volunteer in a variety of ways, says Seabrook Volunteer Program Coordinator Ann Marie Matthews.
Cedar Crest
Pick any bus stop across the country, and the early morning hustle and bustle of people chatting and buses humming is enough to make any sleepyhead crawl back under the covers. Not so for the early birds at Seabrook, in Tinton Falls, and their friends at Cedar Crest, in Pompton Plains.
Fox Run
It s a safe bet that the people gathered at Fox Run s Performing Arts Center (PAC) for a Movies That Make You Think screening this April never expected to watch Nanook of the North, a documentary filmed in the Arctic in 1922. Then again, the audience never knows what movie they ll see.
Linden Ponds
Decades of regular travel have given Elizabeth and John Sherrill valuable insight and an ability to peer at their homeland from the outside. From France to Singapore, they have met people for whom family was everything and the thought of being without them close by, unbearable.
Brooksby Village
Independence square This month, as the country waves its flags in celebration of Independence Day, Florence Perkins can look at her own handmade ode to America the quilt she crafted, featuring the faces of every United States President. Perkins quilt gained fame among her neighbors at Brooksby while it was on display earlier this year in the community s McIntosh Clubhouse.
Linden Ponds
The town of Hull, Mass., recently came closer to its goal of installing up to four offshore wind turbines.

Charlotte Micklos thought you were either born an artist or you weren t that was, until she discovered a hidden talent she never knew she had. I went to a local art show years ago and saw some paintings by people I knew, says Micklos. I thought, if they can do it, why can t I? Micklos began taking art classes and painted off and on while raising her five children.