Sales Manager Ryan Fitzwater says many people find that the cost of living at Riderwood is comparable to—or even cheaper than—their house or condo.

Financial security is one of the cornerstones of a fulfilling retirement. That’s why Riderwood’s management team works so hard to provide good financial value to residents and help them protect the investments they’ve built over their lifetimes.

Artist Dennis Carroll has explored painting, photography, and now, theater at Seabrook in Tinton Falls, N.J., where he lives.

“As an artist, there’s a constant impulse to explore and make art. It doesn’t stop, although it may change form.”—Dennis Carroll

Like paint on a canvas, Dennis Carroll’s medium of choice has been a series of fluid transitions, depending on life’s circumstances.

Moving mediums

Seabrook Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson identified that the treasured grandfather clock would not fit in the apartment as is. Nick and Mary Ann Cammarano worked with Custom Interiors to install a pocket French door.

I’ve been writing about downsizing and moving for nearly 15 years, and the most common remark I hear from people who have done it, goes something like this: “I don’t miss a thing.”

Tallgrass Creek
Tallgrass Creek residents Carol Murray (left) and Dede McLeroy prepare for a reading of Cricket in the Thicket at The Learning Tree, a local children’s toy and book store. Carol wrote the playful book along with eight other children’s books.

Above Carol Murray’s computer in her sunny home at Tallgrass Creek, in Overland Park, Kans., is a blue-and-white plaque that says “Your story begins at home.” 

Carol, the author of nine children’s books, says that is where all her stories begin. 

Tallgrass Creek
Resident Cathleen Turick (left) shares information about her Irish roots with Karen Cox, host of 1851 Studio Chats, Tallgrass Creek’s new talk show. Cathleen was a guest earlier this year on the monthly show which focuses on residents’ unique experiences

The studio lights are bright and the camera is rolling as Tallgrass Creek resident Karen Cox chats with one of her neighbors on 1851 Studio Chats, the Overland Park, Kans. community’s new talk show.  

Tallgrass Creek
Chatting before Tallgrass Creek’s annual home expo begins are (from left) resident George Lund, Sales Director Blake Marshall, and residents Bob Butterworth and Bruce Robb.

Tallgrass Creek’s spacious Blue Sky Restaurant was full of more than delicious food during the Overland Park, Kans., community’s yearly home expo extravaganza.  

Wind Crest
Linda Clem moved to Wind Crest from Keystone, Colo., and is pictured here in the luxurious two-bedroom, two-bath Walton-style apartment home she chose.

"Wind Crest is a good balance between couples and singles,” says Linda Clem, who moved to the Highlands Ranch, Colo., Erickson Living community as a new widow from Keystone.

Wind Crest
Wind Crest Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg (left) gives Wilma DeBoer some helpful pointers on creating space in her closet.

I’ve been writing about downsizing and moving for nearly 15 years, and the most common remark I hear from people who have done it, goes something like this: “I don’t miss a thing.”

Windsor Run
Windsor Run’s newest residence building with 101 apartments will be home to some 150 new neighbors.

This month, Beech Hollow, the newest independent living residence building at Windsor Run, will open its doors to more than 150 new neighbors eager to join the thriving Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C.