Florence Kaplan, pictured here, is one of Devonshire’s pioneer community members. “I’ve been here since day one,” she boasts.

Florence Kaplan has always been an independent woman. Eighteen years ago, she made one of the best decisions of her life when she decided to move to Devonshire at PGA National. In fact, Florence is a true pioneer and has been living at Devonshire from the beginning.

“I’ve been here since day one,” she boasts.

As community members of Devonshire, Manju (left) and Inder Sethi have membership privileges at PGA Resort and Spa with its five championship courses. When not enjoying the myriad activities at Devonshire, you'll find them on the fairways.

There’s no disputing it. When you live at Devonshire at PGA National, an Erickson Living retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens, every day’s an adventure.

Cedar Crest
Sam Panebianco, a former shuttle bus driver for Cedar Crest, moved to the community almost two years ago for the convenience of its everything-under-one-roof design.

An Arctic blast blew in frigid temperatures last winter from December to January, and the cold seemed to linger right through spring. Many cities in the East experienced the coldest January on record, including those in New York and New Jersey. 

Cedar Crest
Bob Murray preps his garden in early May for the tomatoes that are, by now, ripe and ready for eating.

It’s a bluebird springtime day, and Bob Murray’s covered in sweat. He’s cooling off under the shade of a tree and catching his breath on the bench beneath it. A wheelbarrow and spade wait patiently for him about six feet away. 

He’s prepping his garden for a crop of tomato plants that are, now that it's August, bearing ripe, delicious fruit.

Charlestown’s Mission Moments program recognizes those who exemplify the Erickson Way values. (From left) Nina Griffith (honoree), Pat Kasuda (chair), Nancy Wehr (honoree), Sherry Stewart (honoree), and Charlestown Executive Director Clara Parker. Honoree

“Nina Griffith is the neighbor everyone wishes they had.” That’s what Carol Jones wrote when she nominated Nina for the new Mission Moments program at Charlestown, the Erickson Living community where they both live.

Kay and Jon Buck’s fifth floor apartment home has beautiful views of the downtown Baltimore skyline, an open-concept kitchen, and many upgrades including a custom-built entertainment system, wood floors, and French doors.

Before Jon Buck turns in for the night, he gazes out his bedroom window at the city lights twinkling off in the distance. He has a clear view of the Baltimore skyline from his fifth-floor apartment at Charlestown, Erickson Living’s flagship community in Catonsville, Md.  

Brooksby Village
A group of Brooksby neighbors walks two miles along the Danvers Rail Trail every Wednesday morning from April through November. (From left) Janet Locke, Richard Freedberg, Bob Earsy, Nancy Earsy, Jenney Glowik, Georgette LaBrie, Gregg Whitney, and Bob Ful

Driving onto Brooksby Village’s 90-acre campus in Peabody, Mass., it’s easy to be taken with the community’s natural beauty. But just beyond Brooksby’s borders, there’s even more outdoor space to explore and enjoy.

Brooksby Village
Laurie Phillips, personal moving consultant at Brooksby Village, pays a home visit to a prospective community member.

If you’ve considered a move to Brooksby Village, chances are you’ve heard of Laurie Phillips.

Brooksby Village
Retired teacher Heidi Stowe loves the open layout of her one-bedroom, one-bath Brighton apartment home at Brooksby Village.

When Heidi Stowe first considered a move to Brooksby Village, she studied all of the community’s one-bedroom floor plans.

“I’m a visual learner,” says Heidi, a retired teacher. “I had to see the floor plans to get a feel for how I could live in the space.”