Ann's Choice
Lois and Len Michaels are living safe and warm at Ann’s Choice this winter. Before the move, Ann’s Choice provided them a safe place when a nor’easter in March knocked out power for eight days to their home in Huntington Valley, Pa.

Lois and Len Michaels will never forget the winter of 2018. 

On Valentine’s Day, they reserved their soon-to-be new home at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa.

Ashby Ponds
Ashby Ponds marketing luncheon guests enjoy a pressure-free opportunity to learn more about the popular campus while enjoying a delicious, chef-prepared meal.

Each month after discovering Ashby Ponds from a friend, the Erickson Living website, or the popular Facebook page, dozens of people decide to learn more about the community by reserving a spot at one of the monthly marketing luncheons.

Ashby Ponds
Moving to Ashby Ponds sooner than planned, Celso and Jane Gatchalian (pictured here by the Dolomite Mountains in Italy) now enjoy worry-free travel and the companionship of many new friends.

"Like many people, we thought we would live in our single-family home all of our lives,” says Jane Gatchalian. “But once my husband Celso and I visited Ashby Ponds last fall, everything changed. We knew this was where we were meant to live and once we knew that, we didn’t see any point in waiting.”

Brooksby Village
Merle Sidell chose Brooksby Village for its abundant amenities and on-site social opportunities.

Merle Sidell has lived through enough New England winters to know what to expect.

“During especially tough winters, with all the snow and ice, there were weeks I couldn’t get out of the house,” she says. “I started spending winters in Florida to escape those tough months.”

In Florida, Merle rented an apartment at Kings Point, a 55-plus community in Delray Beach.

Brooksby Village
Brooksby Village resident Ray Gerke is the downhill skiing coordinator for New England’s Top of the Hill Gang.

Ray Gerke inherited his love of outdoor pursuits from his parents.

“My mother and father were extremely active,” he says. “As a family we were always on the go. My brother and I grew up skiing. We lived on Long Island so it was quite a distance to some of the bigger ski hills, but I remember skiing in the Catskills and Appalachian Mountains.”

Cannoli from the most recent holiday gathering at Charlestown.

When it comes to the holidays, there are two types of people—the type who travel about visiting friends and family, and the type who prefer to stay home entertaining their guests. No matter which one you are, Charlestown is the perfect place to be.

Erickson Living's recommended real estate agents can help you sell your home and move to a community before the winter weather makes you house look like this! (pictured is a house covered in snow and ice)

Any real estate agent will tell you the best season to sell your house is in the spring. And the second-best season? Summer. So how does winter fare when it comes to selling your house, especially in a real estate market where interest rates are on the rise?

Cedar Crest
Former corporate vice president of Bristol Myers, Marion Klein-Goodyear, enjoys the view from the balcony of her Cedar Crest home.

If you want to know what it’s like to live at Cedar Crest, just ask Marion Klein-Goodyear.

Cedar Crest
Joanne Carr and her son Brian took a personal tour of Cedar Crest with Sales Counselor Ruth Phillips before she decided it was a great decision to move. Joanne reports she is happier than she’s been in years.

An independent woman who did her own yard work and finances, Joanne Carr was reluctant to trade the house her grandfather had built for community living, even if it meant she wouldn’t have to worry about home maintenance or bills anymore.