Dr. Lynne Diggs, who is seen in her headshot here smiling and wearing a top colored with brown and red earth tones, became medical director at Riderwood in 2019.

Dr. Lynne Diggs operated her own primary care medical practice in the Silver Spring/Kensington, Md., area for 16 years. In 2019, she decided to close her practice to become the medical director at Riderwood, the Erickson Living-managed community in Silver Spring, Md. 

Maris Grove
A mover from one of Erickson Living's list of vetted moving services providers carries a box to a truck.

Remember how house hunting used to be? You’d grab the Sunday paper, comb through hundreds of listings, jump in the car, and drive to as many open houses as possible. 

If you were looking today, you’d see how meager the weekend real estate section is, if your local paper still exists! 

Maris Grove
It takes a village to produce the NeighborNews each month. (Back row, from left) Laura Searls, Bob Deming, Warren Shaw; (Middle, from left) Becky Diamond, Joan Bateman, Frank O’Brien, Bette Alburger, Pamela Wright; (Front) Beryl Shive.

In one way or another, Beryl Shive connects with virtually every resident of Maris Grove

Maris Grove
The cyclists kicked off their cross-country bike trip on Dog Beach in San Diego. They're seen here at the starting line.

Maris Grove resident Jane Setman had been an avid cyclist since her kids, now in their 50s, were teenagers. At her peak, she logged 75 miles on a single ride. But cycling cross-country for two months wasn’t something she’d considered until her biking buddy Katie Kinsey suggested they try it.  

Oak Crest
Two women go for a walk around the beautiful campus at Oak Crest.

Real estate’s prime selling season is upon us, and if 2020 is your year to consider vibrant retirement living, no doubt financial considerations are at the top of your list.

Oak Crest
Neighbors Andy Lioi (left) and Jim Griffin (right) are members of the Oak Crest tennis team. Shown here with Wellness Coordinator Renee Hill at last year’s Erickson Living Tennis Tournament.

While many kids his age idolized Johnny Unitas and Jackie Robinson, at ten years old Jim Griffin was so impressed by tennis greats like Roy Emerson and Lew Hoad, he decided to take up the sport. Now, sixty-five years later, you can still find him on the tennis court at least twice a week.

“Tennis has allowed me to compete, meet interesting people, and stay in shape,” says Jim. 

Linden Ponds
Susan and Bill Humberd are smiling here in their apartment home because they believe Linden Ponds is an excellent financial value with all of the amenities and services included in the monthly service fee.

Bill and Susan Humberd moved to Linden Ponds last year from a house in Norwell, Mass. They say that, at first glance, Linden Ponds may appear to cost a bit more than living in your house, but not when you factor in everything that is included in the monthly service fee.

Linden Ponds
Scotty Hart moved from a condo in Boston to Linden Ponds, where she enjoys a vibrant and rewarding social life.

Until about a year and a half ago, Scotty Hart was living in a condo in Boston. The full-service building had everything she thought she needed, and she never had any intention of moving to a retirement community. However, when a friend invited her to attend a luncheon at Linden Ponds in Hingham, Mass., that all changed.

Highland Springs
Ida and Jerry Dwight share their apartment home at Highland Springs with their two Westies, Mac and Missy. The four of them sit together in front of the fireplace.

Four times a day, you’ll find Ida and Jerry Dwight walking their two dogs Mac and Missy around the pond in front of the Hillcrest Clubhouse at Highland Springs, the Erickson Living-managed community in North Dallas.

“They keep us active,” says Ida. “The dogs love to go for walks.”