Highland Springs
Highland Springs resident Connie Fadden (left) and Sales Director Christina Christie work together to welcome new neighbors moving into Twin Oaks Square.

Moving trucks are rolling into Highland Springs on a near-daily basis as the North Dallas community welcomes its newest residents.

Highland Springs
John and Susan Macaulay moved sooner than anticipated to Highland Springs and are embracing their new lifestyle at the North Dallas community.

Turning the page to a new chapter in life can be an adventure. Just ask John and Susan Macaulay.

The couple sold their Richardson, Tex., house of 33 years and moved to Highland Springs, the Erickson Living community in North Dallas, in September 2017.

Lantern Hill
Chris Stoddard smiles here in the living room of her home at Lantern Hill.

Chris and Jack Stoddard are glad they didn’t wait to move to a senior living community. They were one of the first couples to move to Lantern Hill, an Erickson Living community in New Providence, N.J., when it opened in 2016.

Lantern Hill
Sales Counselor Kathy Banks can help you plan a personal tour of Lantern Hill that is exactly that—personal.

To George Russo, surrounding himself with people and living independently are not mutually exclusive. At least, that’s what he discovered at Lantern Hill, the New Providence, N.J., Erickson Living community he moved to from Union in 2016.

Linden Ponds
A group of retired social workers who live at Linden Ponds meet for lunch every month to socialize and swap stories about their former careers. (From left) Anne Evans, Denise Maguire, Nola Watson, Marianne Bozzi, and Carol Adamoyurka.

The people who live at Linden Ponds connect with one another on many different levels. Some bond over a shared hobby or hometown. Others form friendships while working together on a committee. And, of course, those who had similar careers often flock together.

Linden Ponds
Charles and Phyllis Flynn decided to move to Linden Ponds sooner rather than later because they no longer wanted to deal with the hassles that come with cold, snowy Massachusetts winters.

No one can forget the brutal winters the Boston area has endured in recent years. The winter of 2015 ranked as one of the worst in the city’s history, and subsequent years haven’t brought much relief. That’s why Phyllis and Charles Flynn decided to move to Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living retirement community in Hingham, Mass., last September. 

Maris Grove
Maris Grove resident Lyn Johnson reaches for a title from her collection of 100 videos by Professor Elliot Engel. She shows them in the community’s Redwood Commons theater as part of a literary lecture series.

Erickson Living’s mission statement, “We share our gifts to create communities that celebrate life,” is well reflected at Maris Grove, its retirement community in Delaware County, Pa.

Maris Grove community members lead special-interest groups, volunteer on and off campus, and literally share their hobbies and collections with their neighbors.

Maris Grove
A talented cook whose passion is bread baking, Carol Broadrick puts the trend-setting kitchen of the Broadricks’ home at Maris Grove to frequent use. Her husband John awaits a sample from Carol’s fresh-baked challah loaf.

John and Carol Broadrick loved their 2,800-square-foot house in the beach resort area of Lewes, Del.

But as the grandkids grew up and visited less often, and a replacement roof loomed in their future, they started thinking about shedding home maintenance concerns—“in about two years”—for carefree living at a retirement community.

Maris Grove
In his artist’s studio, the great room of his apartment home at Maris Grove, Stephen Smith displays a teardrop-shaped mountain dulcimer he built using exotic Bubinga wood.

"I looked at other places, but there was no comparison to Maris Grove,” says former Smyrna, Del., homeowner Stephen Smith. “It was geographically well located and had amenities I wanted, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a meal plan so I don’t have to cook.”