Ann's Choice
Ann's Choice prefers to recommend certain vendors because of their proven track record of simplifying the moving process for seniors. 

Remember how house hunting used to be? You’d grab the Sunday paper, comb through hundreds of listings, jump in the car, and drive to as many open houses as possible. 

If you were looking today, you’d see how meager the weekend real estate section is, if your local paper still exists! 

Ann's Choice
Janice Edelman pursues her new passion behind the camera in the Ann’s Choice TV studio.

Janice Edelman’s philosophy of life is simple: dive in and trust that it will all work out. “If you don’t try new things, how will you know if you like them?” she asks. “I jump in and worry about how deep the water is later.”

Siena Lakes
Kristine Kluge and Suzy McAllister are Siena Lakes' sales counselors.

Kristine Kluge and Suzi McAllister are the sales counselors at Siena Lakes, the new senior living community coming to North Naples, Fla. As part of the Siena Lakes sales team, it is their goal to make sure you have all the information you need about the Erickson Senior Living-managed community. 

Siena Lakes
Mary and Peter Zimmermann were one of the first couples to reserve an apartment home at Siena Lakes. They're seen here enjoying the atmosphere on a park bench.

Peter and Mary Zimmermann were one of the first couples to reserve a home at Siena Lakes, and they say they could not be more thrilled about their decision. 

Siena Lakes
Siena Lakes reservists Kathy and Don Grandi (center) are flanked by (from left) Erickson Senior Living Executive Vice President Tom Neubauer, CEO Alan Butler, COO Debra Doyle, and Siena Lakes Sales Director Fred Moschetta.

Recently, the Siena Lakes sales team hosted a very special event. They invited all reservists and priority list members to gather on the construction site to see the construction beam that was signed earlier by employees and future residents set into place where the clubhouse is under construction. 

Lantern Hill
Dot Dunn smiles here in front of gallery wall of art made by her neighbors at Lantern Hill.

When Dot Dunn moved to Lantern Hill in late fall 2017, she was already experienced in a handful of hand crafts like needlework, temari balls, pine cone wreaths, and pressed flower pictures. But she found a new challenge, which has filled her life with a lot of joy: watercolor landscapes. 

Lantern Hill
Kay McNally sits comfortably in her home at Lantern Hill, with peace of mind that her needs are met.

Lantern Hill, nestled among the rolling hills of Mountain Avenue, across from the Bell Labs campus and just a short train ride from Manhattan, isn’t only a beautiful setting for retirement. Yes, it has beautiful, open-design apartment homes.

Lantern Hill
This rendering portrays Bell Pavilion, Lantern Hill’s sixth residence building. This new building features 168 apartment homes plus a wealth of exciting new amenities, including outdoor bocce courts and fire pits.

April 22, 2020, will mark the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. According to the website, “The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. The enormous challenge—but also the vast opportunities—of action on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the fiftieth anniversary.”

Every month, Devonshire’s resident jazz ensemble plays in the lounge. Here, neighbors are seen sitting at tables, watching their friends perform.

According to a recent study by the Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging and Northwestern University, “Those who live in continuing care retirement communities have greater levels of wellness than older adults in home-based settings due to the abundance of social interaction.”