Cocktail and dessert parties in your apartment home are just one way you can host a social gathering. Erickson Living communities offer a range of options for you to entertain family and friends, either at home or in one of the on-site dining venues.

If you enjoy entertaining a crowd, especially during the holidays, you may think that moving to a smaller living space will end that tradition. Well, think again! Erickson Living communities offer lots of options for hosting big bashes with family and friends. Remember, your home extends beyond the door of your apartment.

a person wearing pajamas puts items in a box labeled "Donations".

The air is cold and crisp; the leaves are falling; and familiar smells of pumpkin, peppermint, and cinnamon fill the air. You know what that means…

The holidays are approaching, so it’s time to dig out the decorations you’ve accumulated over the years and shower your home with holiday cheer.

A woman unrolls a a ream of bubble wrap while standing over a cardboard box for moving.

The objects in our homes are often filled with meaning. A special piece of jewelry may remind you of a favorite relative while a set of china may bring back happy memories of your wedding day. The idea of parting with these items can feel overwhelming.

Two young men carefully pack up a home, as part of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services program.

You may have missed the popular spring home-selling season, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend another winter cooped up in your house. Fall is a fantastic time to plan and achieve your move to an Erickson Living community. Here’s why…

If you’re not using your china or crystal for entertaining, instead of letting it sit in a cabinet or stored away in boxes, consider using it for your everyday dishware.

What might be holding you back from making a move? Is it the cherished family photos that are too overwhelming to sort, family furniture that you are unsure about taking on a move, or all of the beautiful mementos that have been collected over the years?

Two potential residents meet with a personal moving consultant, right in their own kitchen, to talk about moving to an Erickson Living community.

Moving can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you haven’t done it in a number of years. How can you feel confident that you’re taking the right steps, hiring the right professionals, and checking all the right boxes?

An African American man and woman smile and pose with their moving boxes, getting ready to downsize.

Let’s face it. Letting go of belongings can be stressful! And it’s not just the physical act of sorting through hundreds of items in your house; it’s the emotional and psychological impact of making decisions about things you’ve owned for years, decades, or even generations.

Selecting an apartment home that fits your lifestyle is so much more than choosing a set number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

It can be exciting to envision a fresh start in a brand-new space.

On the left, hands hold up Bidding signs. On the right, an auctioneer bangs a gavel.

There’s no denying our possessions can hold a great deal of sentimental value. However, if you believe the items you’ve collected over the years have monetary value as well, you may wish to consider selling them through an auction house or estate sale.