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Are you considering downsizing to a smaller, smarter living space? If so, you’re not alone. More and more seniors are swapping a big house for the convenience of one-level living. But how do you transition from a multistory house to an apartment home? Here are some room-by-room tips:

Evaluate the rooms you use most

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Whether it’s a desire to remember the past, build wealth, or simply an interest in a topic, collecting is a passion that dates back centuries.

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There is a lot to consider when you plan a move: Does your new home suit you? Will you fit into the community? And especially for those who are downsizing, what furniture can you take with you?

Oak Crest
Oak Crest residents Raymond and Susan Page with Ashley Ruth

More than a decade ago, Raymond and Susan Page sold their home near Rochester, N.Y., and headed south to be closer to their three “kids” and nine grandchildren in Maryland.

Tallgrass Creek
Tallgrass Creek resident Ed and Betty Johnson

Residents Betty and Ed Johnson first visited Tallg...Creek in 2007 right after the active, Overland Park, Kans., community opened its doors. 

“We were visiting friends for dinner, and though we weren’t ready to move, we thought it was a lovely place,” says Betty. 

Seabrook residents Ruth and Alan Clarin

Ruth and Alan Clarin are proof positive that the real estate market has turned. Their two-bedroom Wanaque, N.J., condo sold in just two days. 

“It was such a relief,” Alan says. 

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Even though the housing market is booming in many areas throughout the country, you could miss out on the opportunity to sell your house if it’s not priced correctly. Too many people believe their homes are valued higher than they actually are.

Fox Run
Harold and Eleanor Freers

Howard and Eleanor Freers built a house in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., in 1965. They lived there for nearly half a century, raising a family. But last year, the couple decided to sell their house so they could enjoy maintenance-free living at

Ashby Ponds
house graphic with sold sign

When Donald Tanner decided to move from his house in Myrtle Beach, S.C., to