Cartoon image of a real estate agent.

Over the next few weeks, you may notice “For Sale” signs popping up in your neighborhood alongside the spring flowers. In most parts of the country, spring is the busiest time of year for home sales. The weather is warmer, houses look their best, and buyers are eager to settle before the start of the school year. Finding the right real estate agent is key to your selling success. 

Elizabeth and Bernard Nass praise Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves and her team of experts for their successful move to Greenspring.

Bernard and Elizabeth Nass thought about moving from their Alexandria, Va., house for several years.

“We realized that we wanted to make a transition from our single-family home,” says Elizabeth. “We no longer wished to deal with the work and the costs maintaining our house.”

Fox Run
Dick Marburger says the process of moving to Fox Run was remarkably easy, thanks to the help of the community’s staff and trusted vendors.

Dr. Richard (Dick) Marburger, who is a former president of Lawrence Technological University, moved from a detached condo in Farmington Hills, Mich., to Fox Run in early 2015. He says the large condo no longer fit his lifestyle.

Lantern Hill
Joan and Ronald Hoke sold their Berkeley Heights, N.J., home in just six days

It’s no wonder that Joan and Ronald Hoke sold their Berkeley Heights, N.J., home in just six days. They had the professional support to make the sale—and the selling process—as smooth as silk. 

Illustration of a house with clutter coming out of the roof area

The holidays are over and warm spring days are right around the corner. It’s the perfect time of year to clean out the basement or those spare bedroom closets.  The task sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips that will make the process easier and more fulfilling.

Every day Alan Kutner enjoys his coffee and morning paper in the bay window alcove of his great room. It’s his favorite spot.

Alan Kutner didn’t know how to begin downsizing from his too-large house of 44 years in Havertown, Pa., to Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa.

Ann Chapman enjoyed a seamless transition from her home of 35 years to Eagle’s Trace, thanks in part to moving resources available through Erickson Realty and Moving Services.

Ann Chapman’s home of 35 years in Houston’s Lakeside Estates neighborhood was filled with memories.

“It was a great place to raise my children,” says Ann. “We lived on a cul de sac and had wonderful neighbors, but I was also beginning to realize that it was time to move. I was tired of keeping up a house.”

Kathy and George Wilson (front) worked with Oak Crest Sales Counselor Kelly Friend (back row, left) and Personal Moving Consultant Ashley Ruth (back row, right) to plan their move.

When Kathy and George Wilson grew tired of the routine maintenance and headaches that came with living in their Carney townhouse, they made good on their plan to start living worry-free at Oak Crest.

Why have we become so caught up in letting the things in our house rule the decisions we make and the way we live? While too many of us see downsizing as a daunting task, others approach it as an exciting step forward.