Image of a microphone for a podcast.

When a new radio show called Your Radio Playhouse premiered on WBEZ Chicago in the fall of 1995, listeners had to catch it right as it aired. Even as the show entered national syndication with a new name just one year later, it could still be heard just once a week.

Image of things you'll find in a household.

We may not be getting smarter every day, but our gadgets sure are. No longer just the domain of computers and cell phones, now more and more devices are Internet-connected, from fridges to lightbulbs.

But where does convenience end and frivolity begin?

How it works

Image of hundreds of channels for streaming.

Turn on your TV and the options are seemingly endless. Basic cable subscribers typically get 30 to 40 channels. For those willing to pay more, the choices increase significantly. News junkies have 27 options. Nine premium channels offer recent movies and original programming. If you’re into sports…well, let’s just say the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Scissors cutting a cable cord.

How much television do you watch? According to a recent Neilsen study, the average American household with a typical cable package receives 189 channels but watches fewer than 18. That’s less than 10% of the available channels—meaning a whopping 90% are going mostly or entirely unwatched. 

Image of woman's hands and cloud icon representing cloud storage

Whether it’s raining or not, there’s probably still a cloud in your future. Ever wondered what everyone’s talking about when they talk about storing things “in the cloud”? It’s probably both easier and more useful than you expected.

What is cloud storage?

Woman taking an online course.

Retirement is a time of great possibility. Many retirees report plans to travel, spend time with family, and pick up new hobbies. Now, more older adults are deciding to use at least some of their newfound free time back in a classroom—but not just any classroom. 

These days video chats or video calls are pretty much as simple as tapping a button.

The holidays are almost here and, in the age of the Internet, seeing family and friends face-to-face no longer requires expensive plane tickets or a hefty long-distance bill. Now, you can watch your grandkids open their presents on Christmas morning, even if they’re spread out in different places.

A sink and vanity in the bedroom gave the Aachen, Germany, flat a distinctly European feel.

Earlier this year, my husband and I received an exciting Facebook message from our friends in Aachen, Germany. It read, “We are getting married! We hope you can join us for the celebration in July.” These friends were kind enough to travel to the U.S.

Home solar panels

We’ve all heard that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But what if there were such a thing as free electricity?

That’s the idea behind solar energy and the increasing popularity of home solar panels. So what’s the catch, and is it really free?

The basics