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Most of us can agree that using credit or debit cards is a more convenient way of shopping than carrying around a bulging wad of cash. But what if there were an even easier way of making payments? Yes, even easier than just sliding your card at the register. Welcome to the age of the digital wallet!

Android Pay

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These days, keeping up with consumer electronic trends seems almost impossible, especially when it comes to televisions. You get your new TV set up, and it already feels like it’s out of date.  

Here are two trends you should know about before you purchase your next television.  

What is 4K?

data security

Cyber safety is a growing concern for just about anybody with access to the Internet. It’s a little too easy to be unaware of just how much personal information is floating around about you.  

What is my online footprint?

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Odds are you’ve heard about “net neutrality.” What isn’t quite so certain is whether someone has explained it clearly. 

Especially in the last several months, net neutrality has been in the news, but its appearances were reminiscent of phantoms—foggy glimpses here and there based on fragmented, sometimes incoherent, descriptions.  

paper stack

Welcome to the New Year! Looking for an easy way to shed some excess weight without the hassle of diet or exercise? Chances are you’ve got pounds and pounds of papers lying around: bills, receipts, warranties, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to be done with the clutter of paper once and for all?  

online floor plan tool

There is a lot to consider when you plan a move: Does your new home suit you? Will you fit into the community? And especially for those who are downsizing, what furniture can you take with you?


Recently, you may have noticed a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the “cloud.” What is it?  What does it do? 

Google Glass

A new trend popping up in the tech world is the idea of “wearable” technology. Smart watches were the first gadgets to gain mainstream popularity. These watches can sync with phones, monitor heart rate, and even take photos. 

radio tower

First there were just AM and FM.  Then there was satellite radio. Today, we have Internet radio, which is also called streaming radio.