Q: My wife and I acquired this sculpture at an art fair. We both like it and have it displayed with other pieces of art we have acquired over the years. I have always wondered if it is reminiscent of someone else’s work or if I can discover the name of the actual artist. I was in Santa Fe, N. Mex., this past summer and [searched] the galleries but was unsuccessful.

Q: Please tell me if these nursery rhyme tiles have any value. They are from the Atco Tile Co., circa 1920, and in good shape.  —Guy

Q: I found the artist’s name—Cydney Grossman—on the back of this painting. The painting was done on a 20” x 24” piece of linen. It’s named Girl With Flowers—Kathy 

Q: Enclosed is a photo of my antique stove, which I purchased from a private party approximately 30 years ago. As I recall, it was made in the 1870s. There are original medallions on the side and it has a chimney.    —Donna 

Q: I am interested in finding out the value [of this bisque statue] and how I would go about selling it. I also have it on a marble stand that is probably as old as the statue.  —Donna 

Q: I have my grandmother’s, then my father’s 3- by 2 ½- by2 ½-inch cast iron child’s bank with a slot opening in the top for coins and a combination lock on the door. Rather than numbers for the combination, there are tiny figures of a rabbit, duck, elephant, donkey, camel, and dog around the double dial.

Q: This pair of portrait miniatures was situated in my grandparents’ den as far back as I can remember. The portraits were passed on to me about ten years ago. I have always thought they were beautiful—both the artwork and the jeweled velvet frames.

Q: This bronze sculpture belonged to my grandparents. It is about 14” high, 15” front to back, and 12” wide. I tried researching it online, and found a sculpture very much like it called A Young Mother by Bessie Potter Vonnoh. Can you give me any guidance on what it actually is and its value? —Elaine H.

Q: This lamp was found in the attic of my in-laws’ house in Indiana approximately 72 years ago. We do not know how long it was up there. Sadly, they had it electrified. We assume the middle smaller section was for the oil...still see the wick. We have never had this appraised and wondered if you had an approximate age and value. 

Q: I'm interested in getting a Tiffany lamp evaluated. The glass in the shade has a few hairline cracks. —Katherine H.

Q: The bronze is 7 1/8 inches long, 6 inches high, and rests on a platform 7/8 inches high. We live in West Springfield, Va. Thank you for your interest. 

—Mark R.

A: What a nice example of the French artist Alfred Jacquemart (1824–1896).

Q: I have inherited a two-piece signed Chihuly with book and plexiglass case from a friend in California. Could you give me some guidance on its value? 

—Kathleen J.