A beautiful scene of down town Charleston

Walking the streets of Charleston in late May, I couldn’t help but think, “Now this is a place where I could retire.”

Tree-canopied streets lined with romantic secret gardens behind ivy-covered walls. Plantation shutters. Hanging baskets overflowing with colorful blooms. Side porches with sky-blue painted ceilings. Southern charm at its finest.

Two men point to law enforcement documents on a wall.

The nation’s capital has its fair share of museums, and this past fall, Washington, D.C., has unveiled one more. In October 2018, the National Law Enforcement Museum opened its doors, introducing the public to the heroic and dangerous world of policing in the United States.

Colorful rowhomes over the river at sunset

Venice, Italy, is pure magic. From the romance of a gondola ride to the splendor of ancient piazzas, everywhere you look, there is something to marvel at.

In recent years, however, Venice has been overrun by tourists—as many as 60,000 a day by some estimates.

Roman ruins with the Acropolis in the background.

You may not find it in the guidebooks, but the place to begin a tour of Athens isn’t the Acropolis—where the incredible Parthenon overlooks the city below—but on a hill just across from it that you won’t be able to pronounce, Pnyx. It was there that the Athenians gathered to cast their votes beginning in 507 B.C, thus making it the birthplace of democracy.

Alanya Castle's Red Tower is a favorite stop for visitors to explore and enjoy the view of the city.

Just over an hour flight from Istanbul, Turkey’s Alanya offers the beachside beauty of the Mediterranean, the historical wonder and architecture of medieval times, and the affordable accommodations of a lesser-known tourist destination. 

A brontosaurus at the Prehistoric Museum in Cabazon, Calif.

In the early twentieth century, the automobile was more than just a way to get from here to there. Driving was a recreational pastime.

As early as the 1920s, Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, championed the Sunday drive by encouraging Americans to hit the road, preferably in their new Ford motor cars, and see the beauty of their great nation.

The panoramic view from Castillo San Guisto.

Tucked into a tiny pocket of land between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia is the harbor town of Trieste, Italy, a bustling, year-round destination for travelers from Eastern Europe and beyond. In the summer, swimmers and boats fill the sea. In the winter, people shop, explore, and enjoy Trieste’s unique cultural heritage. 

There are many wonderful examples of medieval and Renaissance architecture in Verona, Italy.

Situated along the Adage River midway between Milan and Venice, Verona is the perfect destination for those looking to explore the cuisine and culture of Italy’s northern region.

Its ancient city center is so packed with buildings and monuments dating back to medieval and Renaissance times, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site.  

Main stage area at the Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale, Miss.

Much of today’s music has its roots in the blues. And one of the broadest and deepest roots you’ll find is in the South along the Mississippi Blues Trail.