The Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere overlooking Lyon.

Special to the Tribune

Lyon isn’t Paris. Oddly, that sentence can be taken from both a positive and negative point of view. If you say you’re going to Paris, people immediately think: Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Louvre. Tell them you’re going to Lyon in east-central France and, chances are, they’ll draw a blank. 

Paris at night.

"Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic. Nothing is more sublime.”  Victor Hugo, author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misérables, used these words to describe Paris.  

Playa Ancón, just outside of Trinidad.

Beneath the thinning veil of restrictions limiting American travel to Cuba, the allure of this vibrant Caribbean country cannot be contained.

Budapest's famous Chain Bridge at night

You might not think of Budapest, capital of land-locked Hungary, as a cruise destination, but because the city is divided by the romantic Danube River, cruise ships ply those waters on a constant basis, with a stop in Budapest being one of the highlights.

Dubrovnik walls

After a long history of being a Communist regime, war with Serbia, and reconstruction, Croatia has become a hot destination, and it definitely deserves its moment in the spotlight.

Halema'uma'u Crater, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Pausing at an intersection on foot, I look left and then right, contemplating my next step down Alii Drive, the main street that passes through the ocean-front village town Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. A bearded man in a Harley-Davidson shirt takes notice. 

“Anywhere you go is okay,” he says knowingly.

airline travel 1950s

A year ago, a surge of headlines about the “knee defender,” a $22 device, made the news. When air travelers attach the knee defender to their tray table, the seat in front of them can’t recline. While some view the device as a way to protect personal space, others see it as a misguided way to infringe on other people’s right to recline their seats.   

Uffizi Gallery

Nestled in the hills of Tuscany, Florence, or Firenze, as it’s known to Italians, was the birthplace of the Renaissance. Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Botticelli all lived in Florence, as did literary greats like Dante Alighieri and Giovanni Boccaccio.  

The Colosseum

Known as the eternal city, Rome has withstood invasions, civil wars, and plagues. In modern times, the euro has replaced the lira and technology threatens to rush a culture predicated on “la dolce vita” (the sweet life). Despite that, Rome is a place where remnants of ancient history and the Renaissance peacefully coexist within a very modern, vibrant city.