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Wind Crest in the News

See the latest happenings at our Denver retirement community.

Wind Crest Offers Food Safety Tips for Cookouts

Aug 1, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (August 1, 2013) -- It's that time of the year for cookouts and picnics. Here are a few food safety tips courtesy Wind Crest retirement community's Dining Service Department:  Come clean. If your picnic spot doesn't have clean running water, bring some with you. Bring wipes or sanitizing gel for surfaces and hands. Wash hands before food prep and after handling raw meats.   Keep your cool. Use an insulated cooler with ice, ice packs or partially frozen items to keep food at 40 F (4 C) or cooler.   Pack smart. Keep separate coolers for...

Wind Crest Residents to Celebrate "National Dance Day" July 24

Jul 18, 2013
WHAT: A celebration of the Art of Dance by scores of Wind Crest retirement community residents in Highlands Ranch, CO. The residents will Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Zumba Square  Dance, Line Dance, and Ballroom Dance - along with the rhythm of a drumming team - during a fun-filled National Dance Day 2013 show. WHEN/WHERE: Wednesday, July 24, from 1:30 - 2:45 p.m., in the Fireside Lounge at Wind Crest, 3235 Mill Vista Road, Highlands Ranch, CO. ITINERARY: 1. "Come Dance with Me" -- Bob Sabb 2. "Zumba Samba" -- Zumba Gold Dancers 3. Square Dance Class -- Fly'n B Squares 4. ...

Hollywood Comes to Wind Crest

Jul 8, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (July 8, 2013) -- When Elly and Jim Andersen moved to Wind Cres t retirement community five years ago, they didn't move far from their former house in Cherry Hill, CO, because they didn't want to move away from family. The couple is proud of their family legacy---all their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren contribute so much to their lives. But one grandchild in particular is making a splash in the celebrity spotlight. And her work in Hollywood is attracting a new generation of fans and the Highlands Ranch community where she often visits. AnnaSophia Robb,...

Wind Crest Residents Square Dance Their Way to Better Health

Jul 2, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (July 2, 2013) -- Wind Crest retirement community residents are now staying fit through a square dancing club they initiated. Square dancing requires participants to listen to directions and communicate with partners to execute moves, keeping both the mind and the body occupied.   The Fly'n B Square Dancers has evolved from a couple of residents (club founders Pat and Lloyd Bowles) with a passion for dance into a group consistently averaging eight squares, or 32 people. The bi-monthly sessions are now split in half, with the first hour devoted to lessons for beginners and the second hour...

Wind Crest Resident Woodworkers Now Involved in World Outreach Project

Jun 10, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (June 10, 2013) -- Six residents Wind Crest retirement community residents are partnering with Toys for God's Kids (TGK), a nonprofit agency that provides impoverished children with wooden toys, to build over 550 wooden cars to be sent to children in Guatemala and Afghanistan. The ongoing project, which is spearheaded by Lloyd Eicher, president of the Wind Crest Windy Wooders, involves residents working with materials donated by TGK. Wind Crest residents work together each Monday afternoon on the cars. TGK came to Wind Crest and gave a recent presentation to the Windy Wooders, enlisting the residents' help...

Twenty High School Students Receive Scholarships from Wind Crest Residents' Fundraising

Jun 5, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (June 5, 2013)  Twenty  high school students from Douglas, Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties have received scholarships from the Wind Crest retirement community, where they have worked part-time. They received a combined total of $80,000  raised by Wind Crest residents during the past two months to show their appreciation of the students' work and to help assist them financially in their post-secondary education. These students work for at least two years during which time they are trained, mentored, and cared for by the 800 residents who become surrogate grandparents to them. This year's scholarship recipients (with their respective high...

Wind Crest Residents Dick and Julie Jones are Honored by Excelsior's Board for Their Volunteer Leadership

May 22, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (May 22, 2013) - Wind Crest retirement community residents Dick and Julie Jones, the founders of Excelsior Youth Center's residential treatment program in Aurora,  have been honored by the organization's Board of Directors for their volunteer leadership.  Excelsior is one of the largest residential treatment programs in the nation for emotionally disturbed and delinquent girls. Dick is retiring from the Excelsior Board after 40 years of service, including 12 years as its Chairman.  He is the 1984 recipient of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation's National Volunteer of the Year Award for his personal commitment and leadership in...

Wind Crest's Female Pilots Share Their Aviation Stories

May 14, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (May 14, 2013) -- The land on which Wind Crest retirement community sits in Highlands Ranch, Co, was once known as the Fly'n B, a cattle ranch renamed by its former owners John and Katie Bowen for their love of flying.  Today a new group of female pilots -- Ginny Shrader, Linda Horn, Kathy Kuehn-Stevens, and Irene Walitelo -- live on the site and are sharing their own aviation stories:  Ginny Shrader grew up in Germantown, Pennsylvania, graduated from Temple University and got her first job  as an executive administrative assistant  at RCA.  She married her boss,...

Eldroado Sixth Graders Interview Wind Crest Residents for Class Project

Apr 23, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (April 22, 2013) -- Nearly 100 sixth-grade students from Eldorado Elementary School last week interviewed Wind Crest retirement community residents about the residents' lives for a class project. The students -- who sat three at a table with a resident -- interviewed a total of 30 residents during the one-hour session. The students practiced their interviewing techniques with their parents prior to coming to Wind Crest. The students will write papers about wisdom learned from the residents and will return to Wind Crest near the end of the semester to share project results. This is the fourth...

Wind Crest's Aurline Emmett (nee Osmond) Reconnects With Her Great Niece, Marie, at Marie's Book Signing

Apr 8, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH,CO (April 8, 2013) -- Wind Crest retirement community resident Aurline Emmett (nee Osmond)  first met her celebrity great niece, Marie, 25 years ago at Studio City Mormon Ward in San Fernando Valley, California.  At the time Marie worked in Hollywood doing a sitcom with actress Betty White and Aurline worked there as an advertising account executive. "Marie was very pleasant," said Aurline. She wanted to know everything about our family relationship." This week Aurline reconnected with Marie (see above photo by Pete Ritchie) at Tattered Cover Bookstore in Highlands Ranch, CO, when Marie held a book signing for her new book, "The Key...