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Wind Crest in the News

See the latest happenings at our Denver retirement community.

Twenty High School Students Receive Scholarships from Wind Crest Residents' Fundraising

Jun 5, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (June 5, 2013)  Twenty  high school students from Douglas, Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties have received scholarships from the Wind Crest retirement community, where they have worked part-time. They received a combined total of $80,000  raised by Wind Crest residents during the past two months to show their appreciation of the students' work and to help assist them financially in their post-secondary education. These students work for at least two years during which time they are trained, mentored, and cared for by the 800 residents who become surrogate grandparents to them. This year's scholarship recipients (with their respective high...

Wind Crest Residents Dick and Julie Jones are Honored by Excelsior's Board for Their Volunteer Leadership

May 22, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (May 22, 2013) - Wind Crest retirement community residents Dick and Julie Jones, the founders of Excelsior Youth Center's residential treatment program in Aurora,  have been honored by the organization's Board of Directors for their volunteer leadership.  Excelsior is one of the largest residential treatment programs in the nation for emotionally disturbed and delinquent girls. Dick is retiring from the Excelsior Board after 40 years of service, including 12 years as its Chairman.  He is the 1984 recipient of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation's National Volunteer of the Year Award for his personal commitment and leadership in...

Wind Crest's Female Pilots Share Their Aviation Stories

May 14, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (May 14, 2013) -- The land on which Wind Crest retirement community sits in Highlands Ranch, Co, was once known as the Fly'n B, a cattle ranch renamed by its former owners John and Katie Bowen for their love of flying.  Today a new group of female pilots -- Ginny Shrader, Linda Horn, Kathy Kuehn-Stevens, and Irene Walitelo -- live on the site and are sharing their own aviation stories:  Ginny Shrader grew up in Germantown, Pennsylvania, graduated from Temple University and got her first job  as an executive administrative assistant  at RCA.  She married her boss,...

Eldroado Sixth Graders Interview Wind Crest Residents for Class Project

Apr 23, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (April 22, 2013) -- Nearly 100 sixth-grade students from Eldorado Elementary School last week interviewed Wind Crest retirement community residents about the residents' lives for a class project. The students -- who sat three at a table with a resident -- interviewed a total of 30 residents during the one-hour session. The students practiced their interviewing techniques with their parents prior to coming to Wind Crest. The students will write papers about wisdom learned from the residents and will return to Wind Crest near the end of the semester to share project results. This is the fourth...

Wind Crest's Aurline Emmett (nee Osmond) Reconnects With Her Great Niece, Marie, at Marie's Book Signing

Apr 8, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH,CO (April 8, 2013) -- Wind Crest retirement community resident Aurline Emmett (nee Osmond)  first met her celebrity great niece, Marie, 25 years ago at Studio City Mormon Ward in San Fernando Valley, California.  At the time Marie worked in Hollywood doing a sitcom with actress Betty White and Aurline worked there as an advertising account executive. "Marie was very pleasant," said Aurline. She wanted to know everything about our family relationship." This week Aurline reconnected with Marie (see above photo by Pete Ritchie) at Tattered Cover Bookstore in Highlands Ranch, CO, when Marie held a book signing for her new book, "The Key...

Public is Invited to Wind Crest's April 11 "Spring Fling" Variety Show

Apr 4, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (April 4, 2013) -- Highlands Ranch men and women who live at Wind Crest retirement community will participate in a "Spring Fling" Variety Show of comedy, dance and song Thursday, April 11, from 2 - 2:45 p.m. They will do this to celebrate everything wonderful about Spring and the public is invited to attend. Admission is a smile and applause. The Windy Thespians, Zumba Gold Dancers and Wind Crest Drumming Team will perform with vocals by Bob Sabb. Pete Ritchie will be the Master of Ceremonies. The event will be held in the Fly'n B Cafe at...

Wind Crest Resident Roger Schade Shares His Life Experiences with Second Graders

Mar 19, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (March 20, 2013) - Roger Schade, a resident of Wind Crest retirement community who was once a civilian held for 37 months in Japanese prison camps during WWII, this past week gave a power point presentation about his life to more than 60 second grade students at Coyote Ridge Elementary School in Fort Collins. He discussed "The Impact of One Generation on Another" at the invitation of his granddaughter, Whitney Gebhart-Miller, who teaches at the school. Schade, who was born in Durango, attended high school in Manila, Philippines, after his father had been sent by his employer...

Retirement is Going to the Dogs and Cats (and Parakeet) at Wind Crest

Mar 19, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (March 19, 2013) - Wind Crest is full of hundreds of vibrant and interesting residents. The Highlands Ranch retirement community is home to former doctors, lawyers, professors, artists, people who have traveled all over the world, and those who have lived extraordinary lives close to home. Everyone has an amazing story to tell.  And then there are others who live at Wind Crest whose stories are best told by their paw prints, barks, meows, and chirps. They are the residents' beloved dogs and cats - and parakeet. The dogs include Lucie, Lilly, Buffy, Precious, Rags, Betsy Ross, Tiger,...

Wind Crest Residents Now Practicing Their Zumba Moves for April 12 Spring Fling Performance

Mar 8, 2013
(HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (March 8, 2013) -- Wind Crest, a retirement community in Highlands Ranch, CO, are now practicing their Zumba moves for an April 12 Spring Fling performance, which will include three dances. Zumba is a craze that is sweeping the nation. Many health clubs and community recreation departments offer Zumba. While Zumba classes differ from club to club and instructor to instructor, all Zumba classes use Latin-inspired music and have a dance party atmosphere. The Zumba classes at Wind Crest are and are filled to near capacity because of Zumba's popularity. Zumba Gold, which is offered at Wind...

Wind Crest Drum Circle Nurtures Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Mar 4, 2013
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (March 2, 2013) -- Drumming, a sacred tradition at the heart of many different cultures for millennia, has found a home at Wind Crest retirement community  in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where a drumming circle's beat gets stronger each time its members play. And where their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing are nurtured by the rhythms. Pete Ritchie, director of community resources, and his colleagues got the idea after attending a workshop at the Eden Alternative International Conference, an organization that works to create "person-centered care." At the conference, a physical therapist led a drumming workshop and demonstrated...