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Windsor Run In the News

“No Place on Earth I Would Rather Be” Than Windsor Run

Aug 26, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- “Based on the exceptional work of Windsor Run’s dedicated team of professionals, along with the support of residents, we have managed the challenges of COVID-19 very well,” says George Comfort, Executive Director of the Erickson Living retirement community. “For those looking for an engaging, safe environment to live and a community where essential services are right at your fingertips, there is no better time to call Windsor Run home.”

Community member Nicky Driscoll agrees.

“Everyone is working so hard to keep us healthy and happy,” she says. “I keep patting myself on...

Moving to Windsor Run: Five GREAT reasons to sell your house this fall

Aug 25, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s this: everyone wants to feel safe and engaged. That’s why so many seniors are moving to Erickson Living -managed retirement communities like Windsor Run in Matthews, North Carolina.

Don’t let physical distancing deter you from listing now. Younger buyers start their searches online and are comfortable with virtual showings. In fact, our preferred real estate agents report strong sales using a variety of online tools. Still need more reasons to list in the fall? Read on!

1. Serious buyers: Typically, buyers...

Safe, Healthy and Updated at Windsor Run

Jul 28, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- In the recent article, A leader’s guide: Communicating with teams, stakeholders, and communities during COVID-19, international management consulting firm McKinsey & Company stresses the importance of communication in addressing the desire for transparency and guidance during times of crisis. According to the article, “at such times, a leader’s words and actions can help keep people safe, help them adjust and cope emotionally, and help them put their experience into context and draw meaning from it.”

Recognizing the importance of providing accurate, comprehensive and timely information, George Comfort, Executive Director of Windsor Run , an...

Windsor Run’s Student Employees Take on New Roles with Enthusiasm

Jul 17, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- Windsor Run, an Erickson Living developed and managed community, employs numerous local high school and college students, most as members of the dining services team.

With physical distancing protocols in place as a result of COVID-19, these students have seamlessly transitioned into new roles, each with a profound dedication to the community members they serve.

“These students fill a crucial role in serving our residents during this challenging time,” says Executive Director George Comfort. “Their willingness to show up and make sure residents are taken care of is really inspirational.”

Service with...

Feeling Secure at Windsor Run

Jun 9, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the tireless work of employees and the dedication of residents to safety have strengthened the already solid bond at Windsor Run , an Erickson Living developed and managed senior living community in Matthews, North Carolina.

“Management acted quickly in the early stages of the pandemic to restrict visitors, implement social distancing and create important protocol,” says resident Maureen Hlavacek. “Each day, we witness employees doing multiple jobs, not just their ‘normal’ job, to protect our safety.”

Windsor Run employees have provided residents with daily meals and delivery...

Windsor Run Realty & Moving Services Helping New Residents Make Move by Adapting to Times

Jun 3, 2020

Since 2007, the Erickson Living Realty and Moving Services (ERMS) program has helped thousands of residents make seamless transitions to our senior living communities across the nation. Understanding that the prospect of moving can feel overwhelming, Erickson Living, a national leader in developing and managing continuing care retirement communities, created a network of resources to help future residents simplify their moves. These unique services include everything from selecting a local Realtor® to partnering with a trusted senior move manager.

As we face the pandemic together, sales team professionals at Windsor Run in Matthews, North Carolina...

‘Feeling very well protected’ at Windsor Run

May 5, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- “Across our family of communities, residents and staff are taking extraordinary steps to protect the health and safety of our loved ones, friends, neighbors, and caregivers,” says Erickson Living Chief Executive Officer Alan Butler, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This commitment and dedication have been seen daily at Windsor Run , an Erickson Living-managed community in Matthews, N.C., as staff work tirelessly to serve and protect every community member.

“I am thankful for the care and concern about the health and safety of all residents at Windsor Run,” says Anne...

Windsor Run Selected as Best Retirement Community by Readers of South Charlotte Lifestyle

Apr 14, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina— Windsor Run was named as the Best Retirement Community in the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards, presented by South Charlotte Lifestyle magazine.

According to Emily Shea, Editorial Coordinator, “this year’s Reader’s Choice award winners are South Charlotte businesses and hard-working members of our community that did more than just make the cut; they made such a positive impact on (our readers) that they topped the list after a round of nominations and voting. This year, we received over 3,000 votes.”

Windsor Run, developed and managed by Erickson Living...

Windsor Run Aquatics Center Is Popular All-Season Fitness Amenity

Feb 18, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina-- National studies show that water activities are a tremendous form of exercise for older Americans. The benefits range from physical to psychological.

At Windsor Run , an Erickson Living community in Matthews, North Carolina, the all-season aquatics center is becoming one of the more popular locales on campus.

Residents such as Bruce Bowen are taking advantage of the indoor pool as part of their health and wellbeing regimen.

“I played baseball and ran track in...

Windsor Run WoodChucks Embrace Can-Do Spirit

Feb 13, 2020

Matthews, North Carolina— In recent years, it’s been called the Maker Movement, the “do-it-yourself” culture that has inspired people of all ages to take up everything from vegetable gardening to woodworking.

That spirit of ingenuity is flourishing at Windsor Run , an Erickson Living retirement community in Matthews, NC. A resident-led group of woodworkers, known as the WoodChucks, is leading the way.

The group, 22 members strong and growing, features residents with a broad spectrum of skills.

“Our members range from professional...