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The Brooksby Village Monthly Service Package

At Brooksby Village, your regular expenses are bundled into a single fee you pay just once a month. Write one check for a set amount that covers these services and amenities:


  • Flexible dining plans you can use at our restaurants
  • All utilities except phone
  • Heating and cooling
  • Standard maintenance, including repairs to your home
  • Property taxes
  • Basic cable TV
  • Scheduled shuttle transportation
  • Trash collection and recycling at your door
  • Landscaping and snow removal from community roads and walkways
  • Around-the-clock security and emergency response

The monthly service fee covers everything--even the little things like collecting the trash.
Ruilan Lu

Campus Amenities:

  • On-site medical center
  • Pharmacy and convenience store
  • Fitness center
  • All-season pool and hot tub
  • Bank and ATM
  • Salon and barbershop
  • TV studio
  • Communal gardening area
  • Art studio and woodshop

Monthly Service Package Pricing

The following reflects pricing as of January 1, 2019. Costs vary depending on the size and style of the home. The Monthly Service Package is adjusted annually by the not-for-profit board of directors in relation to labor, energy, and food costs.

DescriptionMonthly Service Package
One bedroom, one bath$2,205
Extra large one bedroom, one bath$2,358
One bedroom, one bath with den$2,563
Two bedroom, one bath$2,691
Two bedroom, one and a half bath$2,866
Two bedroom, two bath$3,101
Extra large two bedroom, two bath$3,385
Second person Monthly Service Package—$970.