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Live Free From Maintenance in Northern NJ

Wouldn’t it be nice to retire from yard work and house repairs? You can at Cedar Crest. Here, your apartment home is 100% maintenance-free!

Full Lifetime Warranty

Man repairing dishwasherAll appliances and standard repairs are covered, so you don’t have to budget unexpected repairs like a new roof or hot water heater.

Full-Time, On-Site Maintenance Team 

The full-time maintenance staff takes care of tasks, big or small. It's like having a personal plumber, electrician, and handyman all at your beck and call.

Feel Secure 24 Hours a Day 

Our experienced security team is also trained in emergency response. They monitor the community around the clock, so you can feel safe both inside and outside your apartment home.

Travel Without a Care

Whether you're heading to the shore for a long weekend or leaving on a month-long cruise, just lock your door and go. We’ll keep an eye on your home.

In a house, something always needs to be repaired, but not here. If you have a problem, you pick up the phone and it’s taken care of.
Bill K.