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Maintenance-Free Living

Live in Maintenance-Free Comfort

As a homeowner, do you worry about making home repairs and planning for unexpected maintenance costs? You won’t have any of those worries as a Linden Ponds resident. Our entire community is maintenance-free, including your beautiful apartment home and all 108 acres that make up our beautiful Boston area campus.

  • Weatherproof retirement: Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures won’t bother you at Linden Ponds! Enclosed walkways connect all independent living buildings, so you can still get to all the amenities, use all the services, and see all your neighbors without once going outside.
  • On-site maintenance team: Our Boston senior living community employs a professional maintenance staff that promptly and courteously handles any task, big or small. They also maintain the common grounds, which includes snow and ice removal and landscaping.
  • Lifetime program: All appliances and standard repairs in your Linden Ponds home are covered, so you never have to budget for surprise home expenses again.
  • Around-the-clock security: Our 24-hour security team is trained in emergency response, so you can feel safe and secure both inside your apartment home and around the community.
  • Worry-free travel: Just lock your door and go! You can travel across town or across the globe with confidence, knowing your home is being looked after.  

In a house, something always needs to be repaired, but not here. If you have a problem, you pick up the phone and it’s taken care of.
Bill K.