Male resident sitting down at his desk working on personal finances.

Pricing and Retirement Costs

At Charlestown, your senior living costs are always predictable and manageable—much more so than other Catonsville retirement communities. Our Maryland retirement community has organized these two costs to make your financial planning and budgeting as simple as possible.

Two Affordable Senior Living Costs:

  1. 90% Refundable Entrance Fee*
    The one-time entrance fee secures your independent living apartment home for as long as you live here. It’s 90% refundable to you or to your heirs. Click for more information.

  2. Monthly Service Package
    Each month, you’ll write just one check to cover almost all of your day-to-day expenses. The cost of the Monthly Service Package remains predictable for the year. Click for details and pricing.

Hear residents' thoughts about the value and costs of living at the community.

Consider These Financial Facts

Charlestown has proven to be a reliable, successful institution where your future is secure. Take a look through our qualifications:

  • Fee-for-service advantage
    As a fee-for-service community, we don’t make you pay upfront for health care services that you may never need. Unlike a Life Care model, we only charge for a higher level of care when and if it’s needed—an approach that could save you and your family thousands of dollars every year that you remain independent.

  • High occupancy
    Occupancy levels at Charlestown have exceeded industry standards every year that we’ve been in operation.

  • Consistent growth
    Since opening in 1983, we’ve experienced steady growth and high demand.

  • Home for Life Commitment
    Charlestown maintains a Benevolent Care Fund designed specifically to assist eligible residents who outlive their resources. No one has ever been asked to leave the community because of a genuine inability to pay.

  • A solid foundation
    As a community by Erickson Living, Charlestown is backed by 30-plus years of expertise in the retirement living industry. Currently, Erickson Living has 19 communities in 11 states.

  • Profits stay within the community
    Charlestown is a not-for-profit community. We reinvest earnings into the community to provide residents with an exceptional lifestyle at a predictable and affordable cost.

*Carefully read the Residence and Care Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before the Provider is required to pay the Entrance Fee Refund.