Residents enjoying meal in the restaurant.
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Signature Dining and Restaurants for Seniors

Dining at Seabrook is always an opportunity to have a delectable meal with new neighbors and old friends. Every day, our chefs prepare healthy, tasty menus for you to indulge and enjoy. Stop by the Tides Café for a quick bite, or mark a special occasion at the elegant Fireside restaurant. Wherever you choose, your dining is flexible and convenient—and covered in your Monthly Service Package.

The Signature Dining Experience

Seabrook is proud to offer Signature Dining, a commitment to a variety of fresh menu offerings, executed at the moment of service and delivered to you in distinctive dining venues.

Featuring an impressive selection of at least 25 items at a time, our menus combine familiar favorites and regional specialties, plus weekly chef specials, seasonal dishes, and holiday-themed events. Everything is cooked to order and served to your specifications.

While every apartment home includes a modern kitchen, once you sample Signature Dining, you may find yourself spending less time over the stove.

A Social Setting

Great dining isn’t just about the food; it’s about the company. We offer restaurant-style seating, so you always have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy plenty of lively conversation.

Happy hour is the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle. Enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine, or classic cocktail as you chat with old friends and new neighbors alike. 

A Dedicated Dining Organization

Seabrook hires the best and most passionate team members. Everyone, from our professionally trained executive chef to our friendly waitstaff, works in harmony to bring you an extraordinary experience every time you dine. Entrées are prepared at the moment of service with fresh ingredients and painstaking attention to detail and presentation.

The dining organization is overseen by a full-time dining director who serves as part of the community’s leadership team. Dining leaders work closely with the Seabrook Resident Advisory Council to ensure that residents have a valued voice. 

Flexible Dining Options

When it comes to dining at Seabrook, you’re in control. We offer two flexible plans to accommodate your active lifestyle. You can use your meal credits to enjoy a fun lunch with friends, birthday dinner with the grandkids, or delicious comfort food with your spouse.  

Choose between these two dining plans, included in your Monthly Service Package:

  • 20-Meal Plan: This plan is ideal for those who still like to cook every once in a while or frequently eat off-campus. It includes 20 meals per month for a reduced Monthly Service Package fee.
  • Traditional Plan: Also called "Meal of the Day," this option allows you to receive a meal credit equal to the number of days in the month to be used at any of the on-site restaurants. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to cook every meal.

You have flexibility to decide when and how to use your meal credits, no matter which plan you select. For added flexibility, you can even opt for a different meal plan each quarter.

We enjoy dining in the many campus restaurants. It’s wonderful to have so much variety.
Joe and Allison Z.

Restaurants on Campus

Our Tinton Falls retirement community has three spectacular restaurants, right on campus!

  • The Fireside is an inviting, sit-down restaurant that features an attentive waitstaff and decadent desserts.
  • The Tides Café offers a selection of short-order favorites like fresh salads, deli-style wraps and sandwiches, and much more.
  • The Princeton features the best buffet dining on campus, including hot entrees and Sunday brunch staples.

If you’re looking for meals on the go, snacks and sandwiches are always available in the convenience store. Plus, many of our restaurants also offer carryout options, so you can grab a hot and delicious meal even if you’re short on time.

Healthy Options for Special Diets

The food at Seabrook isn’t just great tasting; it’s also good for you. Using fresh ingredients and limited additives, our chefs create nutritious meals to please your palate. You’ll find meal options for the following dietary needs:

• Low sodium

• Sugar-free and low sugar

• Heart healthy

• Low carb

• Vegetarian

• Low cholesterol

Keep Track of Sodium, Calories, and More

Nutritional information for dinner entrées are posted on an internal website called MyNutrition, where you can view ingredients, see calories, track sodium, count carbs, and more. You’ll find the information you need to make smart choices!