Joseph Schlicht

Retirement Costs at Seabrook

Enjoy predictable, affordable retirement living costs at Seabrook, the Jersey Shore’s premier continuing care retirement community. No more spending hours writing and sending a pile of checks each month—at Seabrook, your finances are simple!

Senior Living at an Affordable Cost

  1. 90% Refundable Entrance Fee*

    This one-time 90% Refundable Entrance Fee secures your maintenance-free independent living apartment home for as long as you live here. It’s 90% refundable to you or to your heirs.

  2. Monthly Service Package

    Each month, you’ll write just one check to cover most of your usual homeowner expenses. And the cost of your Monthly Service Package remains predictable for a year!

Greg and Joanne Harney

You don’t move in and stay in. You can still work and have activities that you do outside. It’s really independent living.

—Greg and Joanne Harney
Duffy and Shala Deardorff

It’s a very big plus to have a medical center on campus.

- Duffy and Shala Deardorff
Al and Marilynn Beyer

I’ve noticed that the number of checks I write and the bills that I send out have dwindled to practically nothing.

- Al and Marilynn Beyer
Bob Crawford

If something happens to me and I no longer can live independently...there’s a place right across the campus where I can go for whatever needs that I have.

- Bob Crawford
John and Frances Gleeson

I have chosen to use the workout facilities here, as well as the pool and the spa. I’m able to maintain my needs with what’s available here--and it doesn’t cost anything.

- John and Frances Gleeson

A Secure Future

Due in part to its sound financial groundwork, Seabrook has proven itself to be a leader in worry-free retirement living. Here are a few of our significant qualifications:

  • Nonprofit Benefits

    Because we are a not-for-profit community, Seabrook reinvests all earnings into the community, so we can continue to provide residents with an even more vibrant retirement lifestyle at a manageable cost.

  • Steady Infrastructure

    Seabrook is managed by Erickson Living, a network of retirement communities with 30-plus years of expertise in the senior living industry. Currently, Erickson Living has 19 communities in 11 states.

  • Continuous Growth

    We’ve experienced healthy growth and steady demand for exceptional senior living in New Jersey since we opened in 1998.

  • Only Pay for What You Need

    At Seabrook, you will only pay for health care services you require, unlike at a life care community. For each year that you continue to live independently, this plan could potentially save you and your family thousands of dollars.

  • Home for Life Commitment

    Seabrook maintains a Benevolent Care Fund designed specifically to assist eligible residents who outlive their resources. No one has ever been asked to leave the community because of a genuine inability to pay.

*See our Residence and Care Agreement for conditions.