Felicia Wilczenski initially thought she should be retired before moving to a retirement community.

As associate dean and professor in the College of Education and Human Development and School for Global Inclusion and Social Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Felicia maintains a robust work schedule.

You may not have studied the photo credit, but chances are you’ve seen Russ Adams’ iconic photographs.

Brooksby resident

When Wellness Manager Rokia Paone joined the fitness team at

Brooksby resident

When 70-year-old John Wroblewski crossed the finish line first at the

Brooksby staff and student employee

When Robert Michaud begins his undergraduate career at the University of Massachusetts Amherst next month, a portion of his tuition will be covered by a scholarship from

Brooksby residents

Stroll past Mike and Barbara Freeman’s Hastings-style apartment at

Brooksby resident with Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton launched her 2016 Presidential campaign, one Brooksby Village resident watched with particular interest.

Ruth Kravtin was a White House volunteer for seven years during Bill Clinton’s administration. She moved from Columbus, Ga., to Chevy Chase, Md., after her husband Maurice passed away.

Brooksby's Antiques Roadshow

Marie Wakefield has a standing date with PBS television.

Antiques Roadshow comes on every Monday evening for two hours,” says Marie. “I watch it faithfully.”

Boston University School of Theology Seminary Singers

Rev. Chad Kidd looks forward to Diversity Month all year long.

“I have a lot of ideas bubbling and ready to implement by the time March rolls around,” says Kidd, who serves as the pastoral ministries manager at