Brooksby artist Jan Stoffregen enjoys painting boats and water, finding inspiration along the New England coastline.

Art has always been a love of mine,” says Jan Stoffregen. “Now I have the freedom and time to pursue it.”

A rendering shows the enclosed courtyard in the new expansion at Brooksby’s continuing care neighborhood.

The expansion of Brooksby Village’s continuing care neighborhood is nearing completion.

Arthur and Beverly Shepard used resources available through Erickson Realty and Moving Services to help them sell their home in Natick, Mass., and move to Brooksby Village.

Arthur and Beverly Shepard were acquainted with Brooksby Village long before they considered a move to the Peabody community.

“Bev’s aunt lives at Brooksby, so we visited her at the community many times before we actually thought about moving to Brooksby ourselves,” says Arthur. “We joined the priority list in November 2014, thinking it might be a good move in the future.”

Brooksby Village Executive Chef Michael Ayers

Guests at Brooksby’s three sit-down restaurants will notice some changes on the menu.

The Peabody community recently rolled out its Signature Dining program, an initiative designed to reimagine the culinary experience.

Brooksby resident Lois Silverstein

Lois Silverstein remembers the first time she walked into the Overlook Restaurant at Brooksby Village.

Adrienne Maglio

When Adrienne Maglio moved to Brooksby Village in March 2012, she brought her extended family with her.

Adrienne’s collection of 30 porcelain dolls took up residence in her large one-bedroom, Ellicott-style apartment home.

Carol and Peter Seamans

“I’ve known about Brooksby Village for many years,” says Jeanne Weikert, who moved to the Peabody community from Lexington, Mass., in April 2015. “It’s home to a huge variety of people and activities, and it’s an attractive campus.”

As construction progresses on the expansion of Brooksby Village’s continuing care neighborhood, members of the community’s executive team are beginning to consider staffing needs once the new apartments are complete.

When Scott Hall began working as a fitness intern at Brooksby Village in early 2014, he noticed his coworkers teaching classes that tied into their own athletic interests and pursuits.